ADDY Award Winners from Springfield

March 14, 2018 | Kyle Drenon

In late February at the Downstream Casino Resort, the American Advertising Federation (AAF) of Joplin held its annual awards ceremony honoring creative excellence in advertising in the three state region.

The Joplin chapter of the AAF is the largest in the Ozarks area and Springfield repped big time at this year’s event, taking home 28 total awards. Let’s take a look at the work and the people behind it, at this year’s Lewis Carroll novel-themed event, ADDY’s in Wonderland.

Montgomery Illustration

Winner – Silver ADDY – Poster Single Unit

Montgomery Illustration - Springfield Creatives

OK, so we’re a little partial to this win. One of our very own, Mark Montgomery, won an ADDY for the absolutely dope poster he made for SGFC. Mark also looked super fresh in his attire for the evening. The theme was Alice in Wonderland and Mark didn’t play.

Mark Montgomery Illustrator

Congrats Mark and thanks for reppin’ SGFC and the City of Springfield.



Winner – Silver ADDY – Audio/Visual Sales Presentation

Blend Studio is quickly becoming one of the best known names in premium video content in the city. They’re a big part of the Mystery Hour film crew and they’ve done a ton of videos you’ve definitely seen over the past few years. This video for Stamina Products really gets the viewer jacked up and ready to get after it without having to go to the gym! Excellent work by these guys, but they weren’t done.

Winner – Gold ADDY & Best in Show – Public Service Non-Broadcast Audio/Visual

Safe & Sober Ride Safely from Blend Studio on Vimeo.

Blend’s Brandon Goodwin and Adam Bowlin were on hand to accept one of the biggest prizes of the night. Blend won a gold ADDY and best in show for its PSA on how to ride safely in a car as a teenager. The video is an animated instructional piece that uses a good dose of humor and facts to help keep teens safe on the road. Big congrats to the whole team at Blend for the recognition. They deserve it!

Winner – Silver ADDY – Safe & Sober Parody PSA




Bass Pro Shops

Winner – Gold ADDY – Catalog – 2018 REGENCY Boats Catalog
Winner – Silver ADDY – Catalog – 2018 TRACKER Boats Catalog
Winner – Silver ADDY – Catalog – 2018 NITRO Boats Catalog
Winner – Silver ADDY – Catalog – 2018 TAHOE Boats Catalog

Right off the bat, Bass Pro Shops knew they were in for a big night. In the first category of the evening, Bass Pro took home 4 ADDYs. They used a modern style and stunning images to create an easy-to-read catalog for boat enthusiasts.

Winner – Gold ADDY & Judge’s Award – Single Spot Video – Wonders of Wildlife 

A crowd favorite, Bass Pro’s promo for Wonders of Wildlife got oohs and ahhs during and after it played on the big screen. It’s an impactful video chocked full of amazing visuals and creative graphics to get people excited to visit the best new attraction in the country, according to USA Today.

Bass Pro also took home a slew of other awards for video production and sales presentations. It was a very good year. Bass Pro took home a whopping 10 total awards.

Winner – Silver ADDY – Single Spot Internet Commercial – 2017 TRACKER Boats Brand Essence
Winner – Silver ADDY – Single Spot Internet Commercial – Regency Boat Brand Essence
Winner – Silver ADDY – Single Spot Internet Commercial – Tracker Heritage Boat Price Teaser

Winner – Silver ADDY – Audio/Visual Sales Presentation – Ranger People
Winner – Silver ADDY – Audio/Visual Sales Presentation – MAKO Brand Essence


Revel Advertising

Winner – Gold ADDY – Sales Kit or Product Information Sheets – Oasis Sales Kit
Winner – Gold ADDY – Big Whiskey’s Game On Promotion – Social Media Campaign
Winner – Silver ADDY – Excel Dental Lemons Video Campaign – Video Single Unit
Winner – Silver ADDY – Missouri State Athletics Posters – Post Campaign
Winner – Silver ADDY – Paperwise Logo – Logo Design
Winner – Silver ADDY – Solely Jolie Logo – Logo Design

Last year Revel took home Best in Show and this year they did the same with their work on the Missouri State Bears Basketball posters, which also received a Silver ADDY.They also took home five other ADDYs for their work, including a Gold for this sweet Big Whiskey’s video campaign.



Springfield Chamber of Commerce

Winner – Gold ADDY – Springfield Region Digital Brochure – Brochure Single Unit

Springfield’s own Chamber of Commerce dropped this crazy cool brochure promoting our city, and folks at the Joplin AAF took notice. Springfield Creatives board member Rachael Snow was on hand to collect the award. She serves as the Marketing Coordinator for Economic Development at the Chamber.


City of Springfield

Winner – Silver ADDY – Springfield Jazz Festival poster – Single Illustration

SGFC Memberships Committee member Mark Montgomery was at it again. His illustration for the Springfield Jazz Festival won a Silver for the City of Springfield. This was Mark’s second win of the night.


417 Marketing

Winner – Gold ADDY and Best in Show – Single Ad – Farr Better Plumbing
Winner – Silver ADDY – Single Ad – Sho Me Real Estate
Winner – Silver ADDY – Magazine Advertising Campaign – CB Social House (Now Social on Patton)

This hilarious ad was one of the biggest hits of the night, drawing a big laugh from the crowd and earning a Gold and Best in Show. 417 Marketing had a great night, pulling in four total ADDYs. Congrats guys!


Murney Associates

Winner – Silver ADDY – The Murney Blog – Blog

The Murney Blog was recognized with a Silver ADDY for blogging. SGFC Vice President Kyle Drenon, who writes the blog was present to receive the award. He also writes for our blog, including the words you’re reading right now! It’s very weird for him to write about himself, so he’s going to end the article now.

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