The 2019 Board of Directors

The Springfield Creatives Board of Directors is a member-elected group that sets organizational goals, maintains sponsor relationships and explores new opportunities for Springfield Creatives.

Brian Ash


Board member 2019-2020. Brian owns Calibrate Digital Marketing and The Trolley Bike. At Springfield Creatives, he chairs the Website Committee.

Rachel Johnson


Board member 2018-2019. Rachel is the Chair of the Meetings Committee and the Director of Exhibits and Programming at the Springfield Regional Arts Council.

Landon Lewis


Board member 2018-2019. Landon is currently an Engineering Manager at InVision App and co-chairs the Outreach Committee. He began his career as a freelance developer while in college and grew this into co-founding a design and development studio before moving on to be a remote employee. As a Springfield native he is deeply invested in the growth of our creative community.

Tyler Drenon

General Board Seat

Board member 2019-2020. Tyler is the Chief Strategy Officer at Tacit and the Director of Marketing and Business Development at Self Interactive. He also serves on the Advisory Council for FosterAdopt Connect and likes Tarkovsky movies, but tries not to be pretentious about it.

Nick Warnock

General Board Seat

Austin Elliott

General Board Seat

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The Springfield Creatives board of directors elects new board members every December. If you're interested in becoming a board member, we'd love to talk. Fill out the form to throw your hat (or someone else's) into the ring. We'll be in touch!

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