The 2020 Board of Directors

The Springfield Creatives Board of Directors is a member-elected group that sets organizational goals, maintains sponsor relationships and explores new opportunities for Springfield Creatives.

Brian Ash


Board member 2019-2020. Brian owns Calibrate Digital Marketing, The Drain Strainer and Favorite Guy Gifts. At Springfield Creatives, he chairs the Website Committee.

Austin Elliott

Vice President

Dustin Kirkpatrick


Board member 2020-2021. Dustin is the Director of Design at and founder of Local Press & Design.

Dawna Middleton


Tyler Drenon

General Board Seat

Board member 2019-2020. Tyler is a Technology Strategist for the Missouri State University Libraries Innovation Lab.

Nick Warnock

General Board Seat

Josh Sullivan

General Board Seat

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The Springfield Creatives board of directors elects new board members every December. If you're interested in becoming a board member, we'd love to talk. Fill out the form to throw your hat (or someone else's) into the ring. We'll be in touch!

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