The 2017 Board of Directors

The Springfield Creatives Board of Directors is a member-elected group that sets organizational goals, maintains sponsor relationships and explores new opportunities for Springfield Creatives.

Jessica Spencer


Board member 2014-2015, 2016-2017. Jessica has been active in Springfield Creatives ever since it's inception, and has been active on Meetings, Communications and the Website Committees. Her day job is Director of Design at Mostly Serious.

Nathan Gregg

Vice President

Board member 2017-2018. Nathan comes from an entrepreneurial background, and has been highly involved in many local organizations. At Springfield Creatives, he started the Students Committee in 2016 and launched the Mentor Network the same year.

Maranda Provance


Board member 2017-2018. Miranda is Director of Engineering at Mostly Serious and is also co-founder of the nonprofit organization The Geek Foundation.

Scott Bratcher


Board member 2016-2017. Scott is chair of the SGFC Outreach Committee and Director of Digital Strategy at the Marlin Network.

Josh Sullivan

General Board Seat

Board member 2015-2016, 2017.
Josh is co-chair of the SGFC Meetings Committee and has helped to organize some of our most legendary events. Josh is a designer, art director and Director of Marketing at Springfield’s own Mothers Brewing Company.

Branden Schwab

General Board Seat

Board member 2017-2018. Branden is chair of the SGFC Communications Committee. Branden is also a marketing assistant at Dake Wells Architecture and an adjunct professor of architecture at Drury University.

Rachael Snow

General Board Seat

Board member 2017-2018. Rachael is a member of the Outreach Committee and works in Marketing & Development for the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce.

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The Springfield Creatives board of directors elects new board members every December. If you're interested in becoming a board member, we'd love to talk. Fill out the form to throw your hat (or someone else's) into the ring. We'll be in touch!

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