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December 1, 2015 | Branden Schwab

One of the roles of Springfield Creatives is to stitch together the rich tapestries comprising Springfield’s professional and academic creative communities in a way that serves the creative community as a whole. As part of our ongoing efforts to enrich, promote and connect members of the local creative constituency, I joined a November 2nd tour of Brick City to explore the studios, classrooms, galleries and offices of this downtown creative campus.   

Led by Carolyn Cardenas, Head of Missouri State University’s Department of Art & Design, and Dr. Gloria J. Galanes, Dean of the College of Arts and Letters, this eFactory-organized tour covered the cluster of century-old industrial facilities that once included an icehouse, a boiler building, and various other artifacts of the pre-war industrial era.

Enclosing some 85,000 square feet, Brick City is now home to MSU’s Art & Design Department, the creative powerhouse Marlin, and the University of Missouri-Kansas City’s satellite School of Pharmacy.

Situated within the greater downtown district known as the IDEA Commons (Innovation, Design, Entrepreneurship, Art), Brick City is known to its Missouri State University inhabitants and local creatives as an “urban oasis of creativity,” and rightly so. The campus is a hub of vibrant creative energy, set ablaze by students & professionals with an incredibly diverse collection of backgrounds and a myriad of expressive tools, methods and techniques. This community represents the very best of what Southwest Missouri has to offer for aspiring and accomplished creatives.

To view a list of upcoming exhibitions, check out the Brick City Gallery.



Waiting for the eFactory-organized tour of Missouri State’s Dept. of Art + Design Department to start…

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Waves of color in this student artwork displayed in the hallway between the lithography and print studio. A photo posted by Springfield Creatives (@springfieldcreatives) on



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Light pours through the ol’ ice house clerestory windows & dances over string art overhead @domomag


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@domomag looking up through a web of string art, suspended by taught knots from the balcony railing of the ol’ ice house


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@domomag spots #kilnstilts at the Missouri State ceramics studio


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Student charcoal drawings hang outside a studio on the second floor of Building 2. A photo posted by Springfield Creatives (@springfieldcreatives) on


String art animates a gathering space at the base of a ramp on an upper level of building 3.


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