SGFC Handbook



Board members are nominated in November, and may be nominated by a peer or themselves. The board votes on new members in December for the following calendar year.


General board membership is a two-year term, with the President seat being only one. Every year, either 3 or 4 members roll off of the board.


  • Meet monthly to discuss the business of the organization, brainstorm, strategize
  • Recruit sponsorships
  • Direct fundraising operations
  • Manage the budget
  • Promote the organization to the community


The board is seven members, with positions including President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.


Chairs and presides at meetings of the board of directors, represents the organization to the community, assists in setting overarching goals and strategy for the organization, guides the board and committees in achieving these goals

Vice President

Carries out supporting role for president and takes a larger organizational role as needed, determined at start of each board year


Oversees the budget, generate invoices, collect and deposit checks, maintains an up-to-date record of the organization’s financial transactions


Records minutes at board of director’s meetings and provides a copy to the board and shares to #leadership on Slack

Sponsorships Liason

One board member will be recruited as Sponsorships Liason to be the point person for all sponsors

New Board Member Onboarding Checklist

  • Update website board page with current board members
  • Update permissions and user roles on website for new and leaving board members
  • Update email forwarding lists for new and leaving board members on Go Daddy
  • Invite new board members to the Springfield Creatives Slack group
  • Add new board members to #board and #leadership channels
  • Share the Springfield Creatives Gmail calendar with new board members
  • Share the SGFC and Board Google Drive folders with new board members
  • Add new board members to Facebook admin
  • Review board and committee descriptions and requirements
  • Confirm committee placement

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