SGFC Handbook

2020 Leadership Directory

President: Brian Ash
Past-President:  Brian Ash
Vice President: Austin Elliott
Secretary: Dawna Middleton
Treasurer: Dustin Kirkpatrick
Current Sponsorships Liason (Business): Brian Ash
New Sponsorships Developer: Brian Ash
Newsletter Editor: Tyler Drenon Interim
Responder to Facebook Messages: TBA
Forwarder of Info@Emails: Brian Ash
Reminding leadership of Board Meetings: TBA
Reminding leadership of Slideshow Updates: Brian Ash
Social Media Editor: Each committee is responsible for their own promotional posts on social media

Committee Chairs

Memberships: Nick Warnock
Advocacy & Outreach:  Tyler Drenon
Meetings & Events: Austin Elliot and Josh Sullivan
Students: vacant
Website: Brian Ash
Communications: Tyler Drenon Interim

Monthly Guidelines

Board and Leadership Meetings

• Board members, committee chairs, and any interested members are encouraged to attend any board meetings
• They are the second Monday of every month at 5:30 at Hotel Vandivort and usually last 1-2 hours
• Board members may vote in private at the beginning or end of board meetings

Monthly Group Deadlines

• First Week of the Month
-Meetings Committee finalizes details & posts events, making available to Communications
-All Committees send any info (if needed) to Communications for newsletter updates

• Second Week of the Month
-Communications starts, tests, and sends group newsletter

• Third Week of the Month
-Meeting is the third Wednesday

Online Communications & Accounts

• Account Login information for the following accounts is on the Board Folder on Google Drive
• Mailchimp, GoDaddy, Gmail, Instagram, Square*, Xero*


• We have an email
• We have emails for @meetings @students @communications @memberships @leadership @board
• Board members can update who gets what of those emails on our Go Daddy account
• When you reply to an info@email, be sure to include it in your response


• Anyone on Springfield Creatives board or committees is encouraged to use Slack for regular communication. Committee chairs may need to train new committee members who are unfamiliar with Slack on how to use, and if you know they don’t use it regularly, maybe look with them about making sure they at least get an email notification when they are mentioned, so they can get a link to the conversation and follow.
• If a message concerns a whole committees, type it in their channel
• If a message is for a specific person and may not concern a whole channel, direct message them instead
• Use #leadership and the secret #board channels for group organizational things.
• Save @channel notifications for times when you really need everyone to review your important message really soon. It is disabled in the #general channel.
• To set reminders for your committee, type “/remind #committee” (or @person) followed by what you want to remind them of and when.
• We now have integrations on #calendar and #info-email

Google Drive

• There is one main Springfield Creatives folder on Google Drive that has all committee information within.
• There is a board folder that should only be shared with current (and past?) board members that has financials and sponsorship info
• Committees should keep as many documents as possible organized on Drive, and link to them in Slack, so that we retain all info and can look back after the committee has turned over to the next year


Silver and Gold Level Sponsors

We owe tons of thanks to our wonderful sponsors! Their generous support enables our community to keep growing and Springfield Creatives to do what we do.

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