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About Springfield Creatives Sponsorships

Springfield Creatives operates with the generous support of local business sponsors, and offers yearly sponsorships at 3 levels: Gold, Silver and Bronze. Each sponsorships comes with it’s own set of benefits and included memberships, and the group is always open to feedback on things it could be doing to provide more support to it’s sponsors. To reach out with questions about new or prospective sponsorships, email or reach out to Rachel Johnson. For inquiries related to existing sponsorships, contact 2018 President and Sponsor Liason Nathan Gregg.

All active sponsors may be viewed on our Sponsorships Page, along with current sponsor benefits. The PDF rate sheet, which can be downloaded and emailed is found on the SGFC Board Google Drive > Sponsorships > 2017 Sponsorship Rate Sheet .

Process for Onboarding New Sponsors

  • Record the origination/birth date of the sponsorship.
  • Add the new sponsor on the master tracking document, filling in all appropriate fields and noting receipt of payment.
  • Activate the business on the website as a sponsor by selecting “Is Sponsor” on the back end of the website, and note all important details as needed. Match the expiration to the master tracking document. Note that the Contact Field is private to admin, but the Perks section publishes to the Perks page of the website.
  • Go to Woo Commerce > Coupons and Add A Coupon for the new sponsor’s included memberships. For included memberships, the format is “[businessname]employee”. Fixed Product Discount of $40, set to #2717 Professional Membership, Expires on sponsorship expiry, limit set to number of memberships.
  • Add another coupon for the additional 50% off memberships. Format is “weheart[businessname]”. Fixed Percentage discount of 50%, set to #2717 Professional Membership, Expires on sponsorship expiry, unlimited uses.
  • Set up a recurring/repeating Invoice in Xero for the appropriate date based on around 30 days before their expiration. Check that the default message is set up as what you want it to say. Be sure that it’s going to CC the info@email address.
  • Send a welcome email to the new sponsor contact letting them know that they are all set up. Be sure to list their sponsorship snapshot with all clear dates, info, and coupon code information. You can also attach the Rate sheet, and any other information that you want them to know.


Silver and Gold Level Sponsors

We owe tons of thanks to our wonderful sponsors! Their generous support enables our community to keep growing and Springfield Creatives to do what we do.

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