ICYMI | An Evening with Quinn Norton

October 1, 2015 | Branden Schwab

From Slactivism to Revolution:

What Stochastic Network Collectives Can (and Can’t) Do


Last month, Springfield Creatives was honored to present a special talk from journalist Quinn Norton.

In her talk at the Creamery Arts Center, Norton explored online activism in an era where the separations between our online and offline behaviors, activities, and personas have become increasingly blurred. For individuals with unprecedented levels of agency and power to challenge the abusive power systems of banking and governance of the status quo, Norton emphasized responsibility and progress. She unraveled some of the most fascinating realities of our time, including the “temporary autonomous zones” of Burning Man and the camps of the Occupy Movement, encouraging Creatives to participate in and learn from these “systems of mutual care” to address some of the world’s most pressing and persistent challenges.

Watch her expose and embrace these challenges (and the potential) of the increasingly connected world in which we live:


Video courtesy Hassan Khan.

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