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Digital Marketing Project Manager

Classy Llama

Full Time

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Wanna know how to know if you’re the right fit for this role?

You have an uncanny knack for understanding the big picture but you also love getting down into the weeds of resource management to make sure that the big picture vision becomes a reality.

On top of that, you are AMAZING at building relationships with multiple key stakeholders AND you know how to maintain those relationships even when you have to have some of those tough conversations about scope changes or budget restrictions or chat with them about invoices.

Still reading? Sound like you? Then you might just be the person we’ve been searching for!

(If you’re concerned with the perks and benefits and what the organizational structure/philosophy is – we get it – scroll down to check them out – then scroll back up to see what you’ll be doing while enjoying all the pizazz of being a part of Llama Nation.)

The purpose of the Project Manager is to manage Digital Marketing Services projects and long term program relationships.

The Project Manager reports to the Senior eCommerce Strategist. The Project Manager consults with each Account Owner regarding projects as needed for support or insight. The Project Manager sets, models, and sustains the tone and mindset of the client and team appropriately for project success. They serve as the liaison between clients as well as other internal teams. Additionally they ensure professional communication both internally and externally.

Project Manager Client Responsibilities/Goals:

– Manage client expectations. Keep client apprised of project status (including budget and timeline), possible delays, and in sync with contract agreements.
– Manage and plan client project schedules and reports.
– Manage project task flow and client work requests.
– Educate clients on llama processes and systems. Guide them through workflow and address questions.
Lead all new client onboarding.
– Schedule and lead client meetings as necessary. Prepare agendas and provide follow-up from meetings as needed.
– PM is accountable for all signoff of client briefs and change control documentation throughout a project’s lifecycle.
– Lead client research projects and tasks.
– Responsible for proofreading and editing both short and longtail content.

Project Manager Team Responsibilities/Goals:

– Manage and plan internal resources for short and long term. Attend and contribute to weekly and long term planning meetings. Work with department leads to prioritize and re-prioritize work as needed throughout the week.
– Work to clear project roadblocks and gather answers for producers.
– Inform CLS Finance team of changes to project plan that impact monthly budgets. Notify Finance of monthly project hours projections.
– Foster a team oriented approach to project problem solving. Always strives to pull the right people in to solve project problems and challenges.
– Responsible for capacity planning for the team.
– May assist in execution of marketing work through channels such as email, PPC, SEO, or social media depending on skillset and previous experience.
– Foster strong communication between team members.


– Knowledge of project management methodologies and best practices
– Excellent organizational skills
– Excellent communication skills, oral and written
– Proven experience in building schedules
– Proven experience in working with budgets, clients, and acting as a liaison between clients and developers, designers, and other team members
– Experience in digital marketing environments

Desired Skills, Abilities and Characteristics:

– Scrum Master Certification is a plus
– Fearlessness
– Deep Care for People
– Working through Process-Driven Art
– Creative Problem-Solving
– Make and Keep Fierce Commitments
– Agile Methodology Experience
– Flexibility

Why it’s Awesome Being a Llama

Teammates and leaders that connect with and empower you
Unlimited Coffee and (mostly) healthy snacks
Full transparency from all levels of leadership (AKA proactive and consistent communication on all the important stuff)
Personal Development Library & Courses
Llama Birthday lunches
Monthly team lunches
Ping Pong table and Oculus VR and the occasional appearance of retro gaming systems
Creative Commons area with comfy chairs and couches

Insurance: We offer excellent group health insurance plans for you and your family, as well as life, dental, and vision insurance options.

Fitness: We encourage all of our Llamas to take care of themselves both inside and outside of the office by reimbursing up to $25 per month for gym/fitness memberships.

Food: Llamas love food. So naturally, we have food-related perks. We have built relationships with several local farmers and bakers that provide fresh, locally-produced milk, meat, and sourdough bread (It’s incredible!) delivered right to the office.

Gadgetry: We provide our Llamas with MacBook Pros for both in-office and home use. If you’d like, we also provide convertible standing desks. Don’t want the gadgetry perk to stop there? We also are able to extend our discounts at the Apple Store and Staples to our Citizens.

Financial: We also offer a 401k savings plan.
About Classy Llama

Why do we exist?
We cultivate powerful, caring people who drive value for those around us.

How do we behave?
We are loving people who operate with courageous integrity and passionate ownership.

What do we do?
We build, maintain, and grow eCommerce solutions for our clients.

Classy Llama is an agency of a different breed. Despite our playful name, we could not be more serious about the level of integrity, excellence, and commitment we bring to our clients. Our passion is to help merchants leverage technology to sustainably grow and build their business. We serve our clients through digital commerce consulting, marketing, design, development, and support. With over 125 commerce sites and 400+ customizations and integrations under our belt, our team of commerce veterans has what it takes to create great digital experiences.


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