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Senior Software Engineer

Classy Llama

Full-Time Job

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As a Sr. Software Engineer you will be responsible for developing in a local website environment, deploying to stage environments for client testing and quality assurance, acting as a Technical Lead with the agency client, deploying final development to the production environment, and working with the Project Management team to make solution recommendations and/or provide estimates as needed.

Classy Llama has an agile software development environment where you will be part of a team serving our clients. We work in sprints, prioritize the client backlog, and break work down into manageable pieces. We do client show & tell, have retrospectives, and focus on learning through experimentation. We are focused on consistent improvement and growth and building each other up through encouragement and clear feedback.

It is expected that you will be passion driven, have an ever increasing love for embracing technology and seeing our clients and those that surround you succeed. We love working together and are united around what matters. We love to learn, and to share that learning amongst our team. It is your goal to see all of this happen! If you have never worked with Magento before, consider this a challenge to sharpen your skills as an individual, all the while serving others and passionately pursuing what you love doing.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Review backlog and provide scopes and estimates for clients
  • Lead Magento projects and retainers through to completion
  • Client conversations about features and technical recommendations
  • Program custom Magento features, themes, and integrations
  • Work with other developers reviewing code, mentoring technical skills, and building custom Magento software
  • Work with Project Manager to communicate technical dependencies


  • 5+ years of experience programming in PHP 5, Java or another similar object-oriented language
  • 4+ years of MySQL or other relational database experience
  • 3+ years of web development experience
  • 2+ years of hands on Magento experience
  • An understanding of the Model-View-Controller paradigm and other basic design patterns
  • Experience working with a version control system such as Subversion or Git
  • Knowledge of HTML, JavaScript (preferably Knockoutjs, jQuery, and Requirejs) and CSS
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong personal leadership ability
  • Ability to work well in a team development environment
  • Passionate about technology with a sharp attention to detail
  • Proven experience functioning in a technology environment with a relatively high degree of autonomy and expected to exercise good judgement in difficult situations

Desired Skills, Abilities and Characteristics:

  • Proven ability to construct scalable Magento modules
  • Experience administering LAMP stacks
  • Knowledge of Zend Framework, particularly the DBAL
  • Familiarity with PHPStorm and the Xdebug PHP extension
  • Proficiency with Mac OS X (our primary development environment)
  • Experience working in a *nix command line environment

This position is located in Springfield Missouri. You must live close or be willing to commute. Ability to work from home on an as-needed basis is available but the majority of the time you will need to be in the office to collaborate with your fellow llama engineers!

Classy Llama is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Classy Llama does not sponsor work visas at this time.

When applying for this position, please make sure to include the following if at all possible:

  • Your resumé — A copy of what’s on LinkedIn does not qualify!
  • Code samples showcasing your skills with HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  • If you have prior experience working with Magento, a copy of a custom theme you have developed.


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