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Solutions Architect

Classy Llama

Full Time

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Obviously, you need business skills for this job. You should understand business concepts like ROI and overhead, and have an affinity for developing efficient processes. You should also understand formal software development requirements gathering, software project management principles (particularly Agile), and customer service. You should also be able to sell effectively, making clients feel comfortable with what we’re proposing to do for them and the investment we’re asking them to make.

Do realize, however, that this job is as much a technology job as it is a strategic / business job. You’ll need to be as comfortable talking about databases, APIs, and integration flows are you are talking about business processes, requirements, and timelines. If you’re a good fit for this role, odds are you’re a bit of a “technology person.” You might be the one who everyone calls to fix their computer or you might do small coding projects on the side in your spare time.

Of course, you may not be any of those things exactly. Maybe you’ve never done programming. But if you aren’t every bit as comfortable with technology as anything else, this isn’t the role for you. Our team will rely on your solutions to be accurate and implementable and our clients will rely on them to meet their business goals. You need to understand what our developers tell you, tell that to a client in a way the client understands, and then tell the developers what the client said in a way the developer understands.

Finally, you need to be comfortable with chaos. We often drop Solutions Architects into very tangled, sticky situations and expect them to find a resolution. There are times when no one will be able to tell you how to resolve a particular situation or what will work for the client. You will have to figure it out, quickly, accurately, and with flair.
Solutions Architect Job Responsibilities
Maintain expert knowledge of the native features of Magento, including the difference in feature set between Magento’s Community and Enterprise editions; Solutions Architects at Classy Llama should be subject matter experts on Magento feature capabilities.
Maintain up-to-date knowledge of the eCommerce industry, with a particular focus on the Magento ecosystem.
Keep up to date with technology trends and web software capabilities, in particular, understand what various technologies can do and when they could be reasonably used.
Maintain a thorough knowledge of products and services available for Magento and their applicability to various client business problems.
Identify and document client business requirements for Magento development projects.
Work with the CLS Development Team to assemble estimates for client projects, write software requirements, and understand the ramifications of building various features.
Write feature descriptions and requirements for sales proposals.
Support the CLS Sales Consultants by providing expert technical knowledge, conducting client requirement discovery sessions, and developing cost guidance for new opportunities.
Maintain cordial, professional relationships with key members of the Classy Llama team, particularly Sales Consultants and developers operating in a Technical Lead capacity.
Act in humility, exercise grace and understanding, pursue excellence and demonstrate perseverance in carrying out assigned responsibilities. Be an expert without being condescending or aloof. You have to be smart AND highly approachable.
Make realistic commitments and honor them; meet the commitment or negotiate a new commitment.
Develop an in-depth understanding of CLS’ vision, business objectives, capabilities, internal processes, team members, and anything else necessary to facilitate client success and create effective solutions.
Handle other responsibilities as assigned periodically by CLS management.
Performance Metrics
Timely delivery of assignments (documentation, estimates, etc.)
Accuracy of project requirements and estimates
Growth in performance of responsibilities as established in performance reviews
3+ years experience in Business Analysis, Technical Sales, Software Architecture, or similar
Must have a sincere personality with the ability to express confidence, honesty, openness, and enthusiasm
Exceptional issue resolution abilities
Excellent verbal communication skills
Strong writing skills, particularly technical writing skills
Excellent spreadsheet skills; Excel should be your best friend
Client management experience
Strong technical interest and background
Additional Desired Skills, Abilities and Characteristics
Experience using and/or implementing the Magento platform
Magento Certified Solutions Specialist
Software development experience preferred, particular web software development
General knowledge of internet marketing practices and principles
Prior technical sales experience
Experience with clients in a web development company
eCommerce experience is preferred, though not required
Retail experience would also be beneficial


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