July Meeting Recap: NASA-Style Acronyms and Other Jargon

July 27, 2015 | Jeremy Lux

July’s meeting was held at one of Springfield’s co-working spaces, The Creative Foundry.  A big ‘thank you’ goes out to Jim Michels for hosting this month’s meeting, The Coffee Ethic for keeping us alert and Hurts Donut for providing donut holes! Don’t forget that members can participate in The Creative Foundry’s Free Friday’s. That’s right, just show your membership card for access to the shared work space, a professional conference room, a print center and the fastest hi-speed wi-fi available in Springfield. Plus, meet some new faces, like the 15+ new SGFC members that joined this month.

Springfield Creatives-Creative Foundry 7-16-15 (17 of 53)

Before we fill you in with this months meeting, lets go over a couple of announcements:

  • Get involved – Join a committee, we’ve got something for everyone from meetings to special events and communications to name a few.
  • Help support Give Ozarks – Give your creative knowledge to something great, what’s 15 hours during a 3 month period anyways? Talk to Charlie for more info!
  • Invite a friend – Help the Springfield Creatives grow and don’t forget to bring a sponsorship brochure to your employer!

Now with the meeting recap….

This month Jeff Bertholdi presented on something important to all Springfield Creatives: THE INTERNET. Well, more specifically SpringNet, which is a division of City Utilities. Besides using NASA-style acronyms like OPGW (Optical Ground Wire) and ADSS (All-Dielectric Self-Supporting), SpringNet’s focus is on the development of Downtown and small businesses. Yup, that means you.

Believe it or not, Springfield has some great interweb potential — so much so that we are one of the first in the mid-west to get Verizon’s new VoLTE when they decide to roll it out. All because of our awesome fiber network and the 170+ small cells currently being put up. Who knew?

Springfield Creatives-Creative Foundry 7-16-15 (51 of 53)

You missed it? Luckily, we recorded this month’s meeting (well by we I mean Steve Eudaly)! So go ahead, click ‘play’ below and listen to the full presentation and Q & A session that followed. Get an understanding of the difference between Capacity and Capability (among other things). But more importantly, learn how you can get involved and help grow our amazing community!

Thank you again to Jeff Bertholdi for taking the time to give such a great presentation. Also check out our Facebook for some awesome photos taken by Will Stone. We look forward to seeing you all August 6th for Springfield Creatives Happy Hour and August 21st for our next meeting!

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