Meet-A-Member: Abby Gust

June 13, 2019 | Jessica Spencer

Name: Abby Gust
Job: Art Director, Marlin


Hey, Abby! We’re excited to talk to you. First question—how did you decide on your professional creative path?


I’ve always found myself dabbling in various creative paths/outlets. Also I was so terrible at math, I didn’t have many other options. I am super crafty and enjoy working with my hands. I also enjoy interior design, amateur product/food styling, and some day I still want to be on Project Runway. I chose graphic design because it was a perfect mix of creating things by hand but also helping them come to life in the digital world.


What do you find to be your biggest creative challenge?


Getting out of my own head and letting myself fully express my own creative ideas. Doing it for me and for nobody else.


What other local creatives have you been inspired by lately?


Lately, I’ve been super inspired by Meg Wagler’s paintings and mural adventures. She’s taken her style to a new level and it’s been cool to watch her find her niche.


We’d love to see some of your work. What’s a recent project you’re proud of?


One project that comes to mind is one of the first big concepts that I worked on at Marlin, for Frito Lay. It was called Chipology, based on the intent to sell more combo meals by helping consumers select which bag of chips best suits their mood. It was so tedious because there were so many moving pieces and so many rounds of changes. By the time we wrapped up the project, the client team changed and it never saw the light of day. Lesson learned: I will never present a mandala concept ever again.

Image courtesy Abby Gust


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