Julie Belew

Executive Creative Director

Chickedits, LLC

I was known on several successful Springfield radio stations as Julie Barry in the '90s and '00s where I worked as DJ, Program Director, Music Director, Production Director, any kind of director. I left radio to get a "real job" as a paralegal which is what I've done for the last decade. I've been listening to podcasts for ten years and it didn't occur to me until just recently that it was a booming industry. I've learned that audio engineers are just about scarce, especially females in podcasting. This summer I launched a limited series podcast about how Springfield, Missouri is changing how the community responds to victims of sexual assault for the better with Rape, the Podcast. After using my podcast to brush up on my adobe audition skills, I started a podcast editing business and named it Chickedits, I'm a chick who edits. I'm so excited to be involved in podcasting and working with sound. I've been dreaming about soundwaves and forgot how cool it is to manipulate audio to sound different ways. Please check out my podcast wherever podcasts are heard or at www.rapethpodcast.com. If you are pod curious, feel free to contact me or check out www.chickedits.com. I'm excited to be joining a local group of Creatives!


  • Consulting
  • Content & Copywriting
  • Media Production


  • Accepting New Projects

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