Past Board Members Awarded

February 12, 2018 | Branden Schwab

2017 marked the end-of-term for three board members who have generously served SGFC over the past few years by providing their leadership, talent and vision. Past-President Jessica Spencer, Past-Treasurer/Outreach Committee Chair Scott Bratcher, and Past-Meetings Committee Co-chair Josh Sullivan were awarded these stellar glass artifacts made by Gabriel at Springfield Hot Glass as a tribute for their hard work. 

The result is a unique object, made in an off-hand way, that showcases the manual dexterity of a gifted local craftsman. Not only that, these awards acknowledge the leadership and commitment of the dedicated creatives that have generously led SGFC as we continue to grow together and make Springfield a better place for creatives.

Spencer had this to say:

“It’s been such an honor to serve Springfield Creatives Board these last four years. I’ve loved seeing the group grow and change into what it is today, and have especially enjoyed watching so many members (including myself!) find their professional footing within the group. I look forward to enjoying Springfield Creatives as a member in 2018.”

Inspired by the SGFC pencil endearingly known as “Stubby”, the distinctive awards were made from portions of the ±100 pounds of molten glass that Springfield Hot Glass keeps churning in a continuously lit furnace for 11 months out of the year. The furnace takes five days to heat to temperature, and another five to cool back down.

The marbleized colored portion (the “frit”) comes Germany while the “cullet” (clear glass that’s been crushed and is ready to be remelted) is a specific domestic formula ideal for this challenging asymmetrical form. Each form took about 30 min to make—

“it’s like throwing pottery on a wheel that never stops”

— then cools down over night.

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