10 Creative Podcasts in Springfield

June 11, 2018 | Kyle Drenon

At our May Meeting, we invited Springfield-based podcasters Spence Harris, Caleb Stokes and Ross Payton to come by and tell us about how they make their show. They gave us some great information about producing, writing and marketing a podcast. They were also hilarious! They did one of their famous live mock drafts in which each of the three hosts selected their picks for action movie heroes who they’d most want in an open office environment. It was definitely one of our funniest meetings in memory.

They really piqued our interest in podcasting, so we decided to take a look around the Springfield area for other great shows made by local creatives. There are more than we expected, ranging from motivational shows to home decor to history and lots of other topics. This new medium has taken the country by storm and it’s alive and well in the Queen City. Here are some of the coolest shows we could find:

The Mixed Six

This one goes without saying. The Mixed Six is a show about beer, pop culture, beer, gaming and also a little bit about beer. The hosts start a new topic of conversation for each beer they drink from a mixed six pack. They rank each beer on a unique rating system in each episode. It’s equal parts funny and informative on a variety of topics.


One of the Mixed Six hosts, Ross Payton, also has a podcast specifically about role playing games called RPPR. Role Playing Public Radio (RPPR) is an Ennie Award winning tabletop gaming podcast that offers advice for game masters and players, game reviews, interviews with game designers, anecdotes and more! It is hosted by Payton and Tom Church. RPPR covers a wide variety of games and genres, from popular fantasy classics like Dungeons & Dragons to new sci-fi games like Eclipse Phase.

RPPR began in 2007 after Ross and Tom went to Gen Con for the first time and had to share their experiences with the rest of the gaming world. Since then, RPPR has developed its own unique blend of advice and comedy. Gaming is supposed to be fun, after all.

Shailey & Katie

Shailey Murphy and Katie Day are both super creative people who share their ideas on life, design, productivity and lots more. They describe themselves as “two business-owning, work-from-home moms who are laughing their way through parenthood.” Their show has some great advice like how to make 36 dinners in two hours and what to expect if you’re using cloth diapers. They often feature local guests like chefs, life coaches and Instagram celebrities. They have a robust catalog of more than 80 episodes and are still going strong.  

The Bravery Board

The Bravery Board is more than just a podcast. It’s a group of individuals in Springfield who share ideas on motivation, getting through tough times and the issues facing women today. It was founded in 2016 and has been producing weekly episodes ever since. The hosts are attorney and humanitarian Lindsay Donaldson, counselor and artist Michelle Houghton, pastor and speaker Kate Alsup and author and fundraising coach Jenn Fortner. They describe themselves as “A group of women who believe in the power of being brave through vulnerability and sharing our growth (however scary or messy it may be!) with others.”

Little Bird Marketing’s Ponderings from the Perch

Founder and “Momma Bird” of Little Bird Marketing in Joplin, Priscilla McKinney is a prolific podcaster in addition to running a creative agency specializing in branding design. On her show, Priscilla interviews fellow designers and marketers about the trends in creative work, what they do differently and usually a reference or two to a great TV show. Although located in Joplin, Priscilla is actively involved in the Springfield community. She’s even interviewed a few members of Springfield Creatives in the past!

Queen City Creeps

If you’re into supernatural stories and scary tales, Queen City Creeps is right up your alley. Hosts Sarah Abele, Jennifer Brown, Shelby Heger and Michael Stockton discuss all kinds of spooky stuff on the show and typically end up breaking into sporadic bouts of uncontrollable laughter. They’ve done episodes on Aleister Crowley, the Skinwalker Ranch Story and plenty more.

Dane and Wyatt Read Wikipedia

Brothers Dane and Wyatt Kania really enjoy random things. So much so that they decided to start a podcast to discuss Wikipedia articles found using the Random Article button. Wyatt currently lives in Springfield while Dane records from Atlanta. The two riff on history, current events and tons of other random things on each episode.

A Podcast from Springfield

You can’t get much more local than this. A Podcast From Springfield is all about life in the Queen City. Hosts Dustin Wilson, Jared Cantrell and Doug Smith discuss their favorite bars, movie theaters and beers from the area, and they have a lot of fun while they’re doing it. Perhaps their most notable segment on the show has been Man vs. Pig in which Wilson, who is a 165-pound man, tries to eat a local dish faster than his pet miniature pig Joey, who is 70 pounds but has a big appetite. Past dishes include Mexican Villa and Hurts Donut. Check out this story from Greg Holman from the News-Leader to watch them in action.

Obscure Reference with Doug Driesel Jr.

Recorded from the confines of the newly minted Monk’s Social Club, Obscure Reference with Doug Driesel Jr. is a hilarious comedy podcast in which the host invites on some funny guests each recording to do role-playing, improv and other funny stuff. The conversations are usually based around the namesake of the show’s deep cuts and references to strange movies, TV shows and cultural moments. It’s totally different every time, but it’s always good for a laugh!

Autopod Decepticast

If you’re familiar with podcasting, you know that shows are getting more and more niche as the market is saturated with more content. Well, this podcast is certainly niche. The makers of the show are creating an entire episode devoted to every one minute of screen time in the 1986 cartoon movie Transformers, which they refer to as the only true Transformers movie. (Sorry, Michael Bay.) The hosts take this topic about as seriously as you would expect. They do a lot of voices and accents and they keep it light with some pretty funny takes on movies.

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