September Meeting Recap | An evening with The Mystery Hour

September 14, 2016 | Desirina Boskovich Frew

August Meeting Recap 

by Sandy Nance

A team from The Mystery Hour entertained and informed at Springfield Creatives’ August meeting. We enjoyed hearing from Jeff & Michelle Houghton, Sarah Jenkins, and Chance Nicols as they shared stories from their journey. What began in local obscurity as a one-man show has now become an award-winning late night talk show airing in four states, or as Jeff says, “…the corners of four states.” And we think they’re just warming up!

Jeff affectionately described The Mystery Hour as a “community passion project” and made it clear this work is enabled by a group of volunteers who believe in doing something great in Springfield. He encouraged us to overcome our “Midwest inferiority complex” and realize that creating here and creating on the coast is the same thing…we’re all trying to do something great. (For more inspiration on this topic, watch the Mystery Hour’s crowdfunding video.)

Jeff spoke candidly about the process, emphasizing the importance of perseverance and learning as you go. To illustrate this, Jeff explained how terrible their first show was, and what they would do differently should another “Instagram Husband” come their way.

The Mystery Hour team also emphasized their commitment to one another.

Their commitment is paying off. The Mystery Hour won an Emmy last year, and currently holds nominations for three more! Check out the Mystery Hour’s website for more info.

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