Springfield Identity Project Unfurls its Flag

February 24, 2017 | Branden Schwab

The Springfield Identity Project has released its proposed design for a new municipal flag for the City of Springfield — and it has our wholehearted support!

What better way to capture the spirit and excitement of our local zeitgeist than with a new symbol, a new flag, that represents the city’s unique identity?


The committee responsible for the flag is made up of many names you likely already know and love:

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Last fall, founding members Sean Brownfield, John McQueary and Joel Thomas (sans Jeff Houghton) sat down with the Springfield Business Journal at the Heburn at Dapper Barber for an informal discussion about the changes they saw occurring in our collective downtown culture, especially in how it differed from decades past. Crediting business owners like Josh Widner of Scotch & Soda, Golden Girl Rum Club, and Cherry Picker Package X Fare and other “pioneers for downtown development” like Tom Billionis of the Coffee Ethic, the Founders laid out a compelling, open-ended narrative about where Downtown could be headed. Though not mentioned in the video, we might also add Rogan Howitt (Golden Girl Rum Club), Andrew Heilman (Scotch & Soda, Druff’s), Vance Hall (Druff’s) and many others to the list of downtown business owners that are contributing to Downtown’s strong sense of identity and sidewalk culture.


In the cozy & discrete cocktail bar and speak-easy tucked into the basement of the the Sterling, Brownfield, McQueary & Thomas riffed on potential opportunities for positive Downtown development that build on themes of authenticity, historical awareness and appreciation, and an ambitious willingness to help shape our local identity by empowering local business owners and contributors to our collective culture.

Today, in case you missed it, fellow-founder Jeff Houghton (The Mystery Hour) pulled the curtain back even further, with a Facebook post that provides a bit more context for the Springfield Identity Project and the Springfield Flag Movement:Jeff POst



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