Sustainable by Nature: Progressive Landscaping

June 15, 2017 | sandy nance




There is a growing interest in Springfield to support local growers, to reconnect with our food, the earth, and ultimately one another. Many progressives are intrigued by edible landscaping, sustainable practices, and gardening, but don’t know where to begin.

Sustainable by Nature is stepping into that gap. They will not only design and install sustainable outdoor spaces and garden beds at your home or business, they also provide garden coaching, complete with bi-monthly home visits, if needed. Some clients enjoy learning the how-to’s of gardening, while other clients with previous garden experience, just need additional hands-on help.

Sustainable by Nature is a local landscaping business inspiring, equipping, and educating clients desiring a more sustainable lifestyle in the Ozarks. Sustainable by Nature is owned and operated by Drake, Riley, and Alyssa Hughes.

Sustainable by Nature not only creates beautiful outdoor spaces and gardens, they also promote edible landscapes. A beautiful patio can provide beauty and a place to relax, but Sustainable by Nature can add even more to that beautiful patio: plants that feed and nourish.

Sustainable by Nature has transformed many spaces around Springfield, but possibly the most notable is the rooftop patio at MaMa Jean’s on Republic Road. MaMa Jean’s south side patio is a beautiful example of how edible landscaping creates a lovely green space while providing healthy food. The food grown in the Mama Jean’s garden beds is then used in their delis.


Two of the owners, Riley and Alyssa Hughes, received their permaculture design certificates in Washington. Many of their sustainability practices stem from their education.

Sustainable by Nature believes in working with nature instead of against it. This way of thinking and living helps reconnect communities with their food, and ultimately, the earth and one another. Why spend additional energy and resources shipping tomatoes from Chile when so many farmers in the Ozarks are growing tomatoes right here?

The Springfield community is recognising the benefit of supporting a local family rather than a corporation and learning to make time for sustainable living. Many are also realizing supporting local food is an investment in both healthy living and a healthy community, where everyone benefits.


Sustainable by Nature is planning to expand their business in the next year to include locally-grown, chemical-free flowers. Ask for them at your favorite MaMa Jean’s location.

Give the Hughes a call at Sustainable by Nature when you’re ready to invest in healthy outdoor spaces. In the meantime, you can pick up local food from these great farmers, growing food and growing communities.

Sustainable by Nature


Urban Roots

Millsap Farms

Green Thicket Farm



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